Kinectrics' Laundry Facility

Our highly mechanized 40,000 square-foot facility cleans, checks, and ships 500,000 plastic suits and 4 million kilograms of cotton apparel products annually via its repeatable production and constant throughput.

This facility allows us to offer the controlled laundering of protective apparel using the latest technology and to meet customer needs for delivery and compliance with regulatory requirements. From conventional coveralls and undergarments to full protective suits and accessories, we ensure the garments are ready to use when needed for regular operations and can accommodate high periods of resource need such as outages or refurbishments.

Each garment or plastic suit is thoroughly cleaned and then hand-checked, inspected, and tested to ensure it is safe to wear and will protect workers.

Designed to use environmentally sustainable processes, the facility incorporates high-efficiency water recovery systems, automated processing equipment, and environmentally sensitive laundry equipment.

Why Us?

  • Environmentally Responsible

    We identify and control any potential impact of our services on the environment carefully selecting the cleaning agents and recycling the water to ensure that we operate the facility in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

  • Garment Life Extension

    Each plastic suit is carefully inspected to ensure it is safe to use and if we discover a defect, we will repair the suit with original equipment manufacturer and/or qualified replacement parts to extend its life.

  • Rapid Product Prototyping

    Our Teeswater Manufacturing Facility (TMF), located adjacent to our laundry facility, allows us to prototype new products, and improvements to existing products, reduce waste and cost and improve delivery.

  • Intelligent Review

    A large team of technical experts, who have easy access to our onsite laboratories enables us to provide insights into possible sources of contamination and assess impacts on the life of the PPE.

  • Leasing Option

    We can launder and service PPE or we can provide a leasing service that guarantees you access to the PPE you need when you need it. You leave the rest to us.

  • State-of-the-art Plant Intelligence

    Our laundry management system uses touchscreens, scanners, and displays to track and trend individual products as they flow through the plant.