The ability to recreate virtual models of existing plants and bring to life design concepts has radically improved design capabilities by allowing conflicts and challenges to be identified before they get incorporated and potentially require expensive physical fixes. It also allows for the quick, cost-effective and efficient examination of different design approaches allowing designs to be optimized and are not just the first workable design.

In nuclear facilities, where access may be limited because of radiation fields, laser scanning provides fast and accurate models of the real environment that can be used to create a virtual reality in which exercises can be practiced so dose uptake is minimized when the work actually takes place.

We are constantly innovating in this exciting, rapidly developing, field as we optimize our own design work and help you with yours.

Our dedicated team is experienced in constructing 3D models of facilities, with specialized expertise in drafting, simulation, and modeling engineering. We also have experience using component monitoring, digital twins, pattern recognition software, and more.

Why Us?

  • Innovative Solutions

    We develop solutions that use acquired data and then incorporate physics, subject matter expert (SME) insights, and practical operating experience (OPEX) to allow new approaches to be investigated and developed.

  • Reduced Risk, Maximum Efficiency

    3-D laser scanning quickly acquires as-built data. This data is then used to create realistic models and virtual reality environments, allowing you to ensure that everything will fit together smoothly.

  • Modeling and Visualizations

    We are redefining expectations of the flexibility and accessibility of data. Our 3D models can be viewed on a desktop or laptop using free software such as Faro SCENE LT, Autodesk Navisworks Freedom, and Autodesk ReCap.

  • Enables Exercises and Rehearsals

    Realistic virtual reality environments enable exercises to be rehearsed until they can be undertaken with maximum efficiency allowing worker doses and risk to be reduced.