When your asset needs inspection or failure assessment and you have to move quickly, we are ready to help. Our experts will come to your site, provide expert consultation on the cause of the failure, and recommend further actions. To complement the on-site consulting services, our technicians provide a suite of in-situ, non-destructive or minimally invasive inspection services such as:

  • Photo documentation of failure site
  • In-situ replica inspection (both rubber mold (3M™) and metallographic acetate replica)
  • In-situ boat samples for a more in-depth metallurgical characterization of the failed component
  • In-situ hardness measurements
  • In-situ strain measurement (strain gauge, Digital Image Correlation (DIC), etc)
  • Swipe or liquid sampling for chemistry determinations

Why Us?

  • Comprehensive Range of Expertise

    With a large team of materials characterization and asset inspection engineers including we can help you solve your most challenging maintenance problems whatever they may be and then provide recommendations to support asset life extension.

  • Rapid Response

    If an issue arises we know you will need it dealt with quickly and we are pleased to be able to offer a rapid response service to help you do that. We are able to quickly mobilize the right expertise and start work on your issue in the minimum possible time.

  • World-Class Facilities

    Our materials characterization facilities include a licensed radioactive materials laboratory, a conventional materials laboratory, a polymer testing laboratory, corrosion testing, and burst test facilities (concrete bunker for high-pressure/high-temperature testing).

  • Decades of Experience

    We have been providing expert materials consultation services for the nuclear and electricity distribution industry for decades. Our experts are seasoned field technologists and engineers who are very familiar with CANDU plants and their unique requirements.