In modern transmission and distribution power systems, reliability, power quality, and public safety are key factors in system design and planning. High current laboratory tests are performed to determine the design effectiveness, robustness and safety margin of key electrical equipment.

Our High Current (HC) lab facility and our qualified and experienced technical team ensure your equipment components and products meet or exceed industry standards and deliver maximum performance. We offer high quality and reliable testing using state-of-the-art equipment and calibrated instruments. From transmission class disconnect switches to small connectors, we offer a full range of independent, confidential services to provide quality fault current tests for certification and for product development. We also do short circuit testing of transmission and distribution equipment and qualification of EV chargers and components.

Our high current lab can be trusted to provide independent third-party testing services to utilities, manufacturers, certification bodies, engineering firms, and end users.

Why Us?

  • No Test Current Overshoot

    Our high-current transformers are fed from the grid because the constant source impedance gives rise to a short-circuit current that is stiff, stable, and reliable. This avoids the problems with different transient, sub-transient, and steady-state reactance variations found in generators and eliminates the test current overshoot for the first few cycles, which is inevitable when using generators.

  • Proven Expertise

    For over four decades, we have been at the forefront of testing transmission and distribution equipment. We have served over 38 countries and tested for over 500 manufacturers and utilities. We have delivered over 4,000 projects to qualify high-quality products and instill confidence in system reliability. This adds up to over 15,000 pieces of equipment tested.

  • Enabling Electric Vehicle Deployment

    We offer testing services for both the components on the electric vehicle itself and in the charging stations and chargers ensuring that electric vehicles can be deployed safely and reliably.

  • Ensuring the Safety of Electrical Workers

    The decades of experience that lie behind our arc flash testing services for personal protective equipment will give you and your workers confidence that proper protections are in place.