Field Inspection Services Overview

Power generators create electricity that needs to be transmitted at high voltages and then reduced to lower voltages for distribution to end users for industrial, commercial, and residential applications. Field inspection services and testing are critical for assessing the transmission and distribution assets, maintaining reliability, and ensuring that assets are performing correctly.

Our experienced team, combined with advanced testing equipment and methodologies, work at every stage of the lifecycle to help you make good, sound, technical, and commercial decisions based on the asset condition assessment.

Whether it's commissioning, maintenance, or end of life, we offer a full suite of field-testing services so you know when to refurbish, repair or replace your assets.

Why Us?

  • Experience Supporting the Entire Lifecycle

    Whether it is inspecting live high voltage lines for strength degradation or determining why a local transformer failed we have the services that you need to run a reliable system cost-effectively

  • Extensive Knowledge and Experience

    Having an extensive team of experts with experience that covers T&D components and entire systems, allows us to identify potential problems at a component level

  • Technical Experts Regulators Rely On

    We chair and are active participants in various IEC and IEEE standard committees. This allows us to very effectively compile testing and ensure that all the work we execute is compliant with the latest requirements

  • Customizing Solutions

    Our comprehensive approach allows us to work with you to understand the entirety of your system and customize testing to meet your specific needs so that we become your go to solution provider for the whole system