Mobile High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) equipment facilitates the testing of cable systems and components at an installation site, which can improve the reliability of the network and can help avoid costly, unplanned failures. HVDC systems are a key technological development that helps support future electric power transmission networks.

We now offer our HVDC services for rental opportunities. Our one-of-a-kind, HVDC test set was built to satisfy the growing needs of our clients by providing a variety of testing options, as well as turn-key smart services to support the transmission and distribution market.

Our HVDC system is the largest of its kind and has a DC voltage of 1200kV and can easily be transported to testing sites using a customized container. The technology offers one of the most efficient means of transmitting large amounts of power over long distances, while supporting the transmission and distribution of renewable power on the Grid. To learn more about our rental options, please contact us to speak to a representative.

Why Us?

  • Turnkey Testing

    Complete solutions for your testing needs. Our HVDC testing unit rental includes end to end shipping, as well as the technical experts needed on site.

  • Global Shipping

    We can ship our unit to your test site and take care of all the shipping details.

  • Technical Experts

    Our team of experts in the field of cable testing have decades of experience and are available to help ensure that testing goes smoothly.

  • End-to-End Commissioning

    Our test set is ideal for testing and maintaining newly laid HVDC cables. This unit will help ensure that your assets are operating reliably and will provide operational assurance.