Components and equipment at nuclear facilities can become contaminated during operation. This is not generally an issue while they are operating but if they need servicing, refurbishment or disposal, there is the potential to expose workers to radiation and the possibility that contamination could spread. Decontaminating the equipment before starting work on the maintenance is often a safe and cost-effective way to work reduce harms and risk.

Our subject matter experts, with their decades of nuclear experience, can determine how best to decontaminate your components and can either perform turn-key decontamination and refurbishment of components or provide radiation protection oversight for your staff to complete the refurbishment work in our facility.

Our dedicated licensed facility was designed for this decontamination work. It is a large, open workspace where significantly sized equipment can be worked on in a safe and secure environment. Decontamination and refurbishments undertaken in this facility have included motors, pumps, components, nuclear packaging, vehicles, and tools.

Why Us?

  • Safe and Secure

    Our decontamination and refurbishment services are backed by full radiation protection support, a specially designed facility and approved waste disposal routes to ensure your work is undertaken compliantly without the risk of spread of contamination.

  • Licensed Facility

    Furnished with a comprehensive set of equipment and operated by our experienced technicians our licensed radioactive facility has supported the nuclear industry on a wide variety of decontamination and refurbishment projects.

  • Flexible

    Comprising one large open space with 200 m2 of floor area (~8.5m x 23m) and a peak vertical clearance of 7m we can decontaminate many large objects coming from nuclear facilities.

  • On-site Technical Support

    The processes used are developed in collaboration with subject matter experts in chemistry, materials, radiation protection, and waste handling.

  • Experience

    Whether you need a large piece of equipment decontaminated or a specialized component serviced, we draw on our practical experience to advise on the best process.

  • Quick Turn Around

    With a dedicated facility and a large, experienced, team we can work quickly and efficiently to return your equipment to you in the minimum possible time.