Components, equipment and machines used at a nuclear site may become activated or contaminated and must be handled at a nuclear licensed site that includes appropriate shielding and containment and is supported by waste disposal routes for radioactive waste.

Purchased in 2017 and then fully refitted, our Ontario Nuclear Services Facility is a premier radioactive services resource. It is configured with state-of-the-art systems and equipment to accommodate a wide-range of radiologically controlled activities and includes a 20,000 ft² radiologically zoned area serviced by three overhead bridge cranes with capacity of up to 5 tons and several portable gantry cranes with capacities up to ten tons. It includes a 4,000 ft² of fully tented contamination control areas with full breathing air capacity for up to ten workers in plastic suits.

The radiologically controlled area has recently been upgraded to add a 620 ft² ampule processing laboratory used for preparing incoming ytterbium 176 isotopes for production of lutetium -177 medical isotopes.

The zoned area is serviced by a fully compliant HEPA filtered air handing system, fire detection/suppression, machine shop and liquid waste collection system.

Why Us?

  • Licensed, Quality Assured and Compliant

    Not many people have facilities licensed by the regulator to carry out a wide range of work on a broad range of nuclear substances and radiation devices. All our work is carried-out to ISO 90001:2015 as accredited by the Standards council of Canada and operated under CSA N285.0 and CSA N299.1 by the Canadian Standards Association.

  • Adaptive, Flexible, and Efficient

    Both the physical layout and our operating procedures have been designed to allow us to be flexible and adaptive to your needs.