Electrical, mechanical testing, and field inspection services cover conductors, connectors, transmission cables, GIS, towers, transformers, insulators, associated hardware, fiber optic cables, failure assessments, and emergency tower testing.

Our high temperature, qualification, performance testing capabilities, and specialized studies can help manufacturers and asset owners minimize loss and maximize component life.

Our comprehensive transmission support services focus on asset management using predictive processes, diagnostics, testing, inspection and protection of all aspects of the transmission system, including conductors and transformers.

We can help you get your power, reliably and safely, from where it is produced to the sub-station where it is needed.

Key Benefits

  • Lab Testing

    From lab component, system qualification, and field testing verification, we can confidently assure the system is safe and reliable.

  • Testing to Applicable Standards

    We test to applicable industry standards including IEEE, IEC, ASTM, ANSI, CSA, UL and others.

  • Technical Experts

    Experts applying Asset Condition Assessments and Health Indexing to help optimize your power system.