Environmental Qualification (EQ) is the process by which asset owners ensure that the safety-related equipment they use is compatible with normal operation and design basis accident environments throughout its qualified operating life. It typically includes accelerated aging (thermal, radiation, vibration, mechanical) tests, followed by seismic qualification and tests that simulate design basis accident conditions such as in Loss of Coolant Accidents (LOCA), High Energy Line Breaks (HELB), and Severe Accidents (SA). The testing must also cover any other condition or combination of conditions that the component may have to operate in during design and beyond-design circumstances.

Our experienced team can help you perform any required environmental qualification services, from the development of initial requirements and plans, through to the execution of comprehensive test programs.

Why Us?

  • A Comprehensive Trouble-free Package

    We plan and execute all the environmental tests in our in-house facilities and then prepare reports that are provided in one comprehensive trouble-free package, with the minimum of test specimen transportation and handling.

  • World-Class Testing Facilities

    Our laboratories enable us to perform thermal, mechanical, vibration, mild and harsh environment, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and electromagnetic interference (EMI) tests as well as seismic qualification and any other special environmental, seismic or functional tests you may need.

  • Reliable Results

    Decades of experience enable our team to plan and execute the tests correctly so that they reduce anomalies, minimize rework and provide reliable results that build owner and regulator confidence.

  • The Tests you Need

    A matrix approach allows us to bring together licensing, materials, testing, and other experts to develop the environmental tests that you need to determine the life of your equipment.