Each piece of electrical equipment on a distribution system has a probability of failing whether it is due to poor manufacturing, improper installation, an extreme current, age, or mechanical wear. Too often these failures have serious consequences compromising safety, increasing costs, or causing customer dissatisfaction by degrading power supply reliability. Utilities need to know whether such failures are isolated occurrences or a system-wide problem.

We have the expert capabilities and facilities needed to meet all the failure analysis and diagnostic needs of distribution utilities. Our state-of-the-art technology and long-term experience in failure analysis and forensic diagnosis are internationally recognized.

Our distribution equipment failure analysis services are supported by our world-class high current and high voltage laboratories which are used for investigative work and follow-up tests. These test laboratories are complemented by our chemical and material laboratories where in-depth assessments and investigations take place.

We do not just identify the problem but go on to recommend the appropriate preventative measures that will prevent future failures. Our broad expertise and unique facilities allow us to analyze a full range of distribution system components.

Why Us?

  • 24/7 Response

    When 24/7 service support is needed we will be there for you. Our expertise is supported by many laboratories on site ranging from electrical to mechanical to metallurgical to chemical all of which are experienced in managing emergent issues for critical infrastructure.

  • Litigation Support and Expert Testimony

    Where appropriate we provide support through our expert witness service by providing testimony at hearings. Our experts provide written and verbal testimony and as we are industry-recognized experts this testimony can carry great weight,

  • Trusted by Many

    Major utilities and industries throughout North America trust us to undertake their failure analysis and to develop the solutions that will prevent future failures.

  • Establishing the Standard

    Our utility guidebook is the gold standard for distribution equipment failure investigation and is used by many utilities to establish their processes for root cause determination.