Kinectrics' Laundry Facility

Everything that is built is engineered whether it is an entire facility, a function within that facility or a single component. Engineering ensures it is fit-for-purpose, delivered on time, at the right price and of the right quality. In safety related applications it also ensures that the provenance of the design, materials and manufacture are established to control and record the process.

It is an all-encompassing process that requires the detailed and accurate establishment of the requirements, consideration of options, detailed design development using calculations and models, planning, project management and much more. An engineering project of any size will require support by subject matter experts and a range of engineering disciplines.

The lifecycle concept is key to our approach to engineering. We support all aspects of the engineering of a project, and we consider the lifecycle of the project when we do it.

First, we start by supporting our customers with studies that establish their needs and requirements, then we progress through conceptual and detailed design, and finally we advance to fabrication, installation, and commissioning. In addition, we can support our engineered solutions with specialized tooling for inspections and maintenance, if required.

Our designs consider manufacturability, operational reliability and even decommissioning and disposal, ensuring successful outcomes at all stages.

Whether you require a small component, a system, or an entire facility we will partner with you for a successful outcome. Click on the image above and take a tour of one of the facilities we designed.

Why Us?

  • Complete Engineering Services

    Whether you just want a study or you want an entire facility designed, built and delivered, we will be there for you to provide the solution that meets your needs. Our subject matter experts support architectural, civil, structural, electrical, mechanical or process engineering and we have a fully developed project management office.

  • Broad Range of Expertise

    Supported by subject matter experts in all aspects of generation, transmission, and distribution, we support a wide range of generic and specialized projects including fusion, small modular reactors, tritium management, and isotope production. We even designed and built an active laundry to provide service to the nuclear industry.

  • Design, Fabrication and Delivery

    As an organization that researches, designs, fabricates, and provides site services, we complete many projects entirely in-house allowing our customers to benefit from the control and efficiency that comes from having everything done under one roof.

  • Operational Experience (OPEX)

    Because we don’t just design and deliver but work with our customers on their sites supporting their operations, we bring direct OPEX to our projects helping our customers benefit from a broad range of experience and expertise delivering not only what our customers want but what they need.

  • Extensive Supplier List

    Working in many different related fields has resulted in the development of a large Approved Supplier List (ASL) and a detailed familiarity with available technology and capabilities. We apply these in our designs and products to provide a greater opportunity to optimize our designs.

  • Lifecycle Considerations

    Our designs consider all aspects of the project’s lifecycle, from its installation through its operation and maintenance to its final disposal ensuring it is fit-for-purpose at all stages.