Fitness-for-service is the demonstration of a component or system's ability to meet its design intent under its operating conditions. Within the nuclear industry, aging reactors present challenges to component integrity that arise from materials aging, and from difficulties in inspecting components.

Our expertise helps you maximize the productive life and value of your components. The result is improved plant performance, extended plant life, and longer gaps between outage and refurbishment cycles. This has been achieved by building on decades of knowledge and collaboration and applying advanced methodologies and research to develop integrated solutions that meet your needs.

Why Us?

  • Technical Expertise

    Our understanding of lifecycle needs and regulator concerns, combined with our technical expertise and tools, enables us to accurately predict the consequences of aging and develop strategies to effectively and efficiently manage them.

  • Application of Codes and Standards

    The proper application of codes and standards assures compliance and builds both public and regulator trust. Our expertise in ASME and CSA codes and standards allows us to efficiently and effectively support your needs and meet all the regulatory requirements.

  • Advanced Structural Integrity Analysis

    We draw on decades of experience in both advanced material analysis and innovative analytical modeling to predict material behavior in key structural components, providing insights that help you safely manage the working life of your plant.

  • Multidisciplinary Solutions

    By bringing different perspectives and experiences to the table, we generate more robust solutions. Our multidisciplinary approach redefines problems and finds solutions based on a more comprehensive appreciation of complex problems.

  • High Confidence Degradation Models

    Our team generates high-confidence models that identify life-limiting degradation mechanisms that, when applied with our solutions, will maximize component lifetimes.

  • Leading Innovation

    We are actively engaged in the leadership of ASME and CSA teams, have led major innovations in the codes, and are well-versed in how use the provisions within the standards.