In the nuclear industry, deterministic safety analysis (DSA) is used to confirm that plant safety functions can be satisfactorily achieved and that the required structures and systems, in combination with operator actions, will keep the releases of radioactive material from a nuclear facility below acceptable limits. Deterministic safety analysis provides the licensing basis for new and existing nuclear facilities

We draw on our extensive in-house expertise and experience to undertake analyses that meet regulatory requirements such as REG.DOC 2.4.1 and industry-level standards such as CSA N286.7.

Our rich 35-year history of providing reliable safety analysis support to organizations around the world has solidified us as a trusted partner providing operational support to power plants if the reactor deviates from its licensing basis. Some of our operational services include return-to-service commissioning of the plant, fuel performance, and general day-to-day fuel management support at the plant.

Why Us?

  • Holistic, Comprehensive Assessments

    Working closely with our Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA) team, we offer a fully integrated safety analysis service that ensures all your needs are met, and that you receive a holistic, comprehensive assessment.

  • All the Necessary Skills and Information

    Our comprehensive team includes experts in reactor physics, thermal hydraulics, fuel behavior, and many other adjacent disciplines ensuring that we have all the knowledge that is needed for the assessment.

  • More than Just Analysis

    We provide new and innovative analysis methodologies that lay out the safety basis for key power plant initiatives including reactor life extension, avoidance of power de-ratings, recovery of operating and safety margins, and reduction of outage times.

  • Understanding of Station Operations

    An appreciation of the regulator's requirements, and a knowledge of how nuclear facilities operate, enable us to provide strategic advice, develop methodologies and deliver solutions that meet operational and regulatory requirements.