Fluid-filled cables (FFCs) are cables that are insulated with tightly wound paper impregnated with a low-viscosity insulation fluid. This fluid provides void suppression and enhanced thermal conductivity from the conductor core to the sheath. In its absence, partial discharges and overheating can produce accelerated degradation and eventual failure of the insulation layer. To ensure complete impregnation of the paper, FFCs are typically held at a pressure between 3-5 bar. Installed before the development of effective polymer insulation, they are present in many global utility networks and form part of their legacy cables asset. In some cases, the age of the asset substantially exceeds its intended lifespan.

If the sheath is damaged, fluid can leak and cause environmental damage creating the potential for fines and/or expensive unplanned maintenance. This problem is already significant, with an estimated loss of 300,000L per annum from the UK network.

Anagen™, is a self-healing dielectric fluid that replaces cable insulation oils. Under normal operation, it delivers the same function as a normal dielectric fluid, but if a breach occurs, it will gel on contact with oxygen, so that the leak is slowed or stopped.

Why Us?

  • Direct Replacement

    Under normal operation, Anagen™ delivers the same function as a normal dielectric fluid. If a breach occurs it will gel, on contact with oxygen, creating a barrier to the leak while retaining the dielectric properties of the fluid.

  • Fully Supported

    We support Anagen™ with a complete service that includes gathering information to ensure that it is the right product for you, assisting in deployment, and post-deployment leak monitoring to confirm that it is working.

  • Reduced Costs

    Operational costs are reduced by curtailing the loss of oil, avoiding expensive leak tracking, repairs and cleanup, and minimizing the potential for regulatory action or fines.

  • ESG Compliant

    By reducing the risk of environmental harm, Anagen™ helps companies achieve their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) sustainability objectives.

  • No Change to Operations

    There is no need to change your existing operations as Anagen™ is a direct replacement for the existing dielectric fluid.

  • Extends life and Defers Investment

    With no leaks, asset life can be extended, deferring the need for the replacement of the cables.