At the end of a facility’s useful life actions must be taken to place it in a safe state and restore the site for future possible use. In the case of nuclear facilities, this can be done in phases that take into account radioactive decay and the lessening of the radiation hazards over time.

Consideration of the approach for decommissioning is necessary at various stages in the facility’s lifecycle. The decommissioning plan can influence plant design; is an important part of the licensing process; must be updated in order to maintain a view on financial liabilities; and a detailed plan must be approved and licensed before a decommissioning project can begin. Decommissioning planning is a complex exercise that incorporates conventional engineering, safety and licensing, cost estimating, and waste management. A key part of the plan is associated with the final waste disposal cost and actions taken to minimize the creation of additional more challenging decommissioning wastes.

Our expertise and experience enables us to provide a comprehensive decommissioning service to develop optimized plans that minimize risk and cost, as well as maximize safety and environmental protection.

Why Us?

  • All Types of Facilities

    We have prepared preliminary decommissioning plans, and cost estimates, and have originated or amended licensing documentation for prototypes, power reactors, waste management facilities, tritium handling facilities, and disposal sites around the world.

  • Knowledge of Regulatory Requirements

    Our team has assisted in the development of the latest Canadian Standards Association N294 standard (Decommissioning of facilities containing radioactive materials) and our subject matter experts are serving on associated technical committees.

  • Waste Management Expertise

    Waste management is often the key issue driving the cost of a decommissioning project. We use our knowledge of the options to minimize the overall cost, while maintaining safety and the environment.

  • Safe and Licensable

    As Canada's leading safety and licensing organization you can be sure that the plans we develop will be acceptable to your regulator.