Power System Studies Overview

Our power system experts support studies and assessments for interconnection projects, renewable energy, and conventional transmission & distribution systems. We study all aspects of power systems from existing systems to transmission development and upgrade projects, both large and small scale.

We offer a comprehensive range of relay testing and commissioning services to ensure your assets have been properly installed and are performing to the required operational standards. In addition, our offering can be tailored to meet specific client objectives.

Typical studies cover:

  • Temporary Voltage Sag/Surg
  • Voltage Fluctuation and Regulation
  • Thermal Loading Assessment
  • Reactive Power Compensation Study
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Voltage and Current Imbalance Analysis
  • Demand/Capacity Forecast and Analysis
  • Short Circuit Analysis
  • Protection and Control Study
  • Losses Reductio
  • Power Quality Issues
  • System Reliability Studies

Why Us?

  • Global Customer Base

    As a world leader in power system studies, we have successfully completed numerous power system studies for utilities and companies around the globe. Drawing on over a century of technical expertise and accumulated experience, the team can support you by resolving immediate issues and tackling challenges associated with future growth opportunities.

  • Helping with Distributed Generation

    We continue to support the development and assessment of impact studies for distributed energy resource interconnection as mandated by Independent System Operators (ISO) before connecting to the grid. Our technical report typically includes a project feasibility outline, technical specifications, assessment of the potential impact on the grid and recommendations to mitigate the negative impacts.

  • Guiding International Standards

    The extensive knowledge we have gained as a leading-edge company is not only applied to our clients but is also shared within the industry – we sit on several international standards committees, guiding the industry to continue to move forward.

  • Protection & Control System Verification

    Our world-renowned protection and control system verification laboratory is designed to help you comply with stringent global standards in IEC 61850, while achieving significant savings with our in-house integration and “plug and work” approach.