Whenever energy is stored, released, converted, or distributed there are inherent dangers that must be managed. Much of our service work involves establishing what the hazards might be and how they can be mitigated using engineering or institutional controls.

Our health and safety products support that work and include software that identifies safety requirements and personal protective equipment. These products help you maintain regulatory compliance and keep your people safe.

We use our products when we are in the field so you can be confident that it works and that it works well.

Why Us?

  • Wealth of Testing Experience

    The experience and time we have dedicated to component testing gives us a deep appreciation of the intricate nature of safety products and what works and what does not.

  • Confidence in Our Own Products

    We stand by our health and safety products because we use them ourselves when conducting studies, carrying out site work, and in a wide variety of other applications.

  • Practical Designs

    The operational experience we gain from using our own products is used to refine them so that they are not just fit-for-service but they are the best fit for service.

  • The Right Quality at the Right Place

    Designed by subject matter experts and manufactured to our exacting standards with value for money in mind our products cost-effectively get the job done.