Phase conductors have always been the backbone of any overhead transmission or distribution network. Notable growth in up-rating and re-conductoring to satisfy the growing demand for transmission capacity is a worldwide challenge. High Temperature Low Sag (HTLS) conductors are a solution which can be employed to carry higher power when compared to conventional conductors.

High temperature low sag (HTLS) conductors withstand higher continuous operating temperatures (>150°C), with improved sag performance, by utilizing new and exotic materials.

For over three decades, we have been uniquely positioned to provide one-stop-shop testing services for HTLS and hardware through rigorous evaluation of their unique operational stresses.

Why Us?

  • Protecting Your Investment

    Subjecting your conductor to various mechanical, electrical, or environmental stresses in a safe testing facility will allow you to confirm that your design is robust and that it will enable you stay connected for the design life of the line and network.

  • Informed Decisions About Asset Life

    As infrastructure ages, testing samples harvested from the field will provide accurate information about the condition of your assets so you can make informed decisions on how best to maintain them and extend their useful life.

  • Establishing the Right Design

    Testing provides real data to verify the conductor characteristics required for line design and can be used to validate new designs.

  • Transport, Installation, and Operation Tests

    We can undertake rigorous tests that simulate the transportation, installation, and in-service conditions of all your equipment and hardware.

  • Helping You Decide

    By carrying out comparison tests on different designs, you can obtain the information needed to select the most suitable and reliable design for your particular application.

  • Predicting Asset Lifecycle Performance

    Our custom-designed tests will establish the way installation or operating conditions may affect the long-term performance of your conductors and hardware system.