Steam generators are the heat exchangers that convert the heat in the Primary Heat transport (PHT) System into the steam that drives the turbines. They typically include thousands of tubes and operate in challenging conditions of heat and stress. Their efficiency is dependent on the maintenance of the integrity of the boundary between the hotter and colder sides of the heat exchanger and the cleanliness of the heat transfer surfaces.

The main components where leakage can occur are the tubes themselves, the divider plate that separates the hot inlet PHT water and the cooled outlet water, and the tube sheet that holds the tubes and separates the PHT water from the secondary water.

Limited access points, the small bore, and the tight spacing of the tubes and radiation fields all make inspection challenging and call for custom-designed tools.

Our steam generator inspection services are based around the use of the tools we have developed that enable the fast, cost-effective inspection of the tubes and the detection of leaks. The tools include:

  • Tiny Rotating Ultrasonic Tube Inspection Equipment (TRUSTIE™)
  • Acoustic Leak Inspection System (ALIS)
  • Dew Point Leak Detection (DPLD) tool

Our steam generator services are part of our comprehensive range of outage services that also include fuel channel and feeder inspections, fuel integrity monitoring, and other bespoke inspections and maintenance activities.

Why Us?

  • Familiarity with Tool Set

    We are well acquainted with our own tools having designed and built them, serviced them, and deployed them on multiple occasions. This familiarity allows us to work quickly, safely, and efficiently to produce results in which you and your regulator can be confident.

  • Safety First

    Safety is a core value for us. Our work is planned with safety in mind using all our specialists including those in radiation protection, conventional safety, and human performance. You can be sure we will work with you to achieve event-free outcomes.

  • Outage Based Approach

    A NASCAR style front-of-house (Service Center) and Pit-Crew approach to outages allows our front-of-house team to handle the customer interface, organization, and documentation while the pit crew focus on the equipment they service and maintain.

  • Rapid Response Capability

    Permanently employed staff in the Power Workers Union and Society of Energy Professionals enable us to mobilize quickly to deal with emergent issues. We identify the problem and establish and implement solutions, all in one smooth exercise.