Earthquakes of varying magnitudes can occur in most parts of the world and the shaking induced can cause equipment to fail and structures to collapse. The actual consequences are based on a complex melding of the scale and type of earthquake, the way the structure interacts with the movements in the earth, and the way the structure and equipment might set up its own frequency modes. And of course, the strength of the structures and materials involved.

Seismic analysis is a subset of structural analysis that enables engineers to understand and predict the behavior of structures during a seismic event and design them to resist the resulting forces. Proper design will ensure structures and systems of nuclear facilities retain their integrity during and after an earthquake so they continue to contain, cool, and control, keeping the facility productive and safe.

We offer a full seismic analysis service that includes station investigations to create site-specific ground motion definitions and structural analyses. We complement the analyses with in-house seismic testing. Our experience in seismic analysis has led us to become involved with regulators and to help them establish the latest standards.

Why Us?

  • All Your Seismic Analysis Needs

    We conduct in-station investigations, develop site-specific ground motion parameters, develop structure response spectra, and carry out linear, non-linear, static and dynamic analyses. You can rely on us for all your seismic analysis needs.

  • Integrated with Safety Analysis

    Seismic and other accident scenario analyses are used in the broader safety analyses we provide. We integrate the seismic analysis with probabilistic risk analysis to create licensing documentation for new plants, modifications, and life extensions.

  • Severe Accident Scenarios

    Our severe accident analysis service integrates seismic analysis with tornado analysis, aircraft and missile strike analysis, and other severe accident scenarios. This enables us to carry out all the necessary structural analyses in a cost-efficient, comprehensive, and timely manner.

  • Fully Supported

    Complementary in-house disciplines support our seismic analysis team providing information and insight based on seismic testing, materials performance, and codes and standards, so you can be assured of a comprehensive, accurate analysis.