Core 4 Human Performance Tools

In almost everything we do, there are interactions between people and technology. While traditional engineering addresses technology and interactions between system elements, human factors engineering addresses human-technology interactions and human-human interactions that can affect the production and safety outcomes of work activities.

The attributes of technology, people, and organizations that influence human performance in these interactions are collectively known as Human and Organizational Factors. Some examples are organizational and management structures, policies and programs, allocation of functions to humans or machines, the design of user interfaces, staffing provisions, job-design features, work schedules, design of procedures, training, and the physical work environment.

The processes an organization uses to manage these factors are critically important to the achievement of production and safety goals. In safety-critical industries, human factors play a very important role in ensuring safe operation and regulators closely scrutinize how these issues have been dealt with.

Our human factors specialists provide organizations with customized solutions for managing human factors including management system design and assessment. We also directly support facility, system, and tool design with Human Factors Engineering consulting services.

Why Us?

  • Certified Human Factors Professionals

    Our team includes certified professionals with backgrounds in physical ergonomics, cognitive engineering, and macroergonomics, enabling us to address all aspects of human and organizational factors.

  • The Skills You Need

    With experience that includes design support for reactors, licensing support to nuclear facilities, minimum staff evaluations, program design, and incident investigation, you can be sure we have the skills you need.

  • Internationally Recognized

    We are continuously engaged in developing national and international regulations and standards, with recent contributions including EPRI 3002004310 and CSA N290.12

  • Improves Safety, Productivity and More

    The applied use of our human factors experience will lead to valuable improvements to safety, quality, productivity, and customer satisfaction.