Electricity networks have been leaders in asset management for decades. Many have detailed asset management plans in place that are continuously being improved and refined. Historically, networks have had a high degree of redundancy and surplus capacity in their circuits so that cable failures have not necessarily led to network failures or outages. Station and underground cables have often been out of sight and mind, and despite their importance, they have largely been forgotten and do not have detailed asset management plans.

Moving towards a net-zero carbon economy, electricity networks will have increasing demands placed on them, including higher loads, and changing load profiles. As a result, they will need to offer greater flexibility and focus on controlling costs. In this context, proactive planning, measurement, and management of cable assets are increasingly important.

Our holistic cable offering helps you achieve the lowest cost of ownership for your cable assets with services that are relevant throughout the cable lifecycle including engineering design and consulting, cable manufacturing support, installation support, operation and maintenance services, and end-of-life or life extension solutions. The information we can provide on your cable system enables you to make risk-based decisions with a true understanding of your assets and the options available.

Why Us?

  • Understand Your Options

    We provide you with the best data enabling you to make risk-based decisions with a complete understanding of your assets.

  • Independent Unbiased View

    Third-party testing, in compliance with industry standards, ensures you get an unbiased, independent view of the state of your assets.

  • Cutting-Edge Solutions

    Our ongoing research and development program keeps us at the cutting-edge and enables us to help you with your product development.

  • Complete Lifecycle

    Our cable lifecycle management services support all stages of the cable lifecycle.