Electrical safety personal protective equipment (PPE) testing is imperative to ensure PPE, such as safety gloves, meet the specified requirements. This helps ensure that when PPE is being used by workers it provides the appropriate level of protection. We believe that nothing is safe to use unless it has been proof tested and verified.

High voltage testing, or high voltage measurement, is a critical electrical safety test. With our dielectric testing capability, we apply a high voltage between two conductors, to test insulating qualities and confirm there is no arcing or excessive current flow. We offer both non-destructive and destructive testing to verify the adequacy of electrical insulation to withstand transient or surge events.

The performance of the insulation is tested to ensure the insulation will not fail because of degradation arising from aging, moisture, or wear due to vibration.

Serving utilities, generators, electrical contractors, and regulators we help protect workers, improve safety, and increase efficiency by providing:

  • Dielectric Testing for Worker and Plant Safety
  • Aerial Dielectric Testing and Qualification
  • Temporary Ground Set Testing
  • Grounds and Jumpers Repairs
  • Hot-Stick Testing
  • Hot-Line Tool Repairs
  • Fiberglass Tool & Equipment Refurbishing
  • Electrical Test Equipment Verification/Calibration and Repairs
  • Rubber Gloves Testing
  • Rubber Blankets, Line Hoses and Hoods Testing

Why Us?

  • ISO 17025 Accreditation

    This accreditation for glove and blanket testing proves that our facility meets the highest quality laboratory management system including the use of qualified personnel and the highest quality records, training, testing reports, and calibrations.

  • Repairs to Grounds and Jumpers

    Regular testing and repair will ensure that your grounds and jumpers stay safe, retain their operability and reach their maximum longevity. From clamps to ground sets, we can service all electrical grounding equipment.

  • On-Site Mobile Testing

    Our on-site testing service saves time and money by minimizing the packaging and shipping costs associated with laboratory based recertification.

  • Safe and Reliable Performance

    We offer services for phasing meters and voltage detectors that include the repairs that will ensure their safe and reliable performance.