Concrete, poured and set correctly and maintained properly, is one of our most durable structural materials. It is used to fulfill many important functions, often in circumstances where failure could have significant consequences. In the energy industry, containment structures within nuclear facilities and hydroelectric dams rely on long-lasting concrete integrity to sustain high levels of safety.

Concrete ages under the effects of in-service conditions such as weathering, and mechanical or chemical action involving cyclical load, wear, abrasion, and chemical exposure. To meet regulatory standards the concrete is routinely inspected, using destructive and non-destructive techniques, and repaired if necessary.

We operate an extensive concrete performance database, a full-service concrete testing laboratory, and a comprehensive site testing and repair service. As a result, we can support the full lifecycle of your concrete use, undertaking research and developing new solutions, advising on formulation and design, and inspecting, repairing, and problem-solving to provide optimum solutions.

Why Us?

  • In-House Research, Development and Testing

    Our ISO 9001 concrete testing laboratory includes universal testing machines with wide temperature capabilities, high-temperature ovens, walk-in environmental chambers, an outdoor exposure facility, and mixing, casting, and curing facilities.

  • Extensive Nuclear and Hydro Experience

    Decades of experience in providing oversight on all concrete-related issues at nuclear facilities and hydro dams enable us to offer design, specification, installation of plant modifications, inspections, forensic analysis, and repair services.

  • The Best Possible Advice

    Site inspections, the experience of subject matter experts and the data in our extensive concrete performance database are combined to ensure you get the best possible advice on the management of your concrete assets,

  • Unique Tests and Procedures

    Unique tests and procedures, evaluation of new formulas, and the conduct of a complete range of concrete tests prescribed by regulators, customers, and codes and standards are made possible by our concrete testing laboratory.

  • Full Lifecycle Service

    You can benefit from our services from the moment you give consideration to using concrete, through its correct installation, and on to maintaining its in-service integrity.

  • Full Package of Services.

    We provide inspection and repair services, programmatic and outage inspections, coatings, material qualifications, as well as field services and field oversight.