Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA), also referred to as Probabilistic Safety Assessment (PSA) is a systematic and comprehensive methodology used by the nuclear industry to evaluate risk. It estimates risk by using real numbers to determine what can go wrong, how likely it is, and what the consequences will be.

Often using fault and event tree analyses, PSA incorporates specialty analysis tools and techniques such as Human Reliability Analysis (HRA), a technique for modeling human error, and Common-Cause-Failure analysis (CCF) which evaluates the effect of inter and intra-system dependencies that may cause simultaneous failures and contribute to the overall risk.

PSAs are an integral part of all nuclear facility licensing processes as they help regulators and operators better understand the technology and the way it will be operated. It often leads to safety improvements.

Our team uses PSAs to support you with your licensing applications and we offer a comprehensive range of individual assessments.

Why Us?

  • Extensive Operational Experience

    Extensive experience with nuclear facility licensing and nuclear facility operations is fed into our PSAs to provide you with a valuable source of information that can be leveraged to support PSA applications, operational decision-making, design changes, and cost-benefit analyses.

  • Assured Results

    With more than 40 PSA specialists and decades of experience, we are one of the most experienced PSA teams in the world. By leveraging this experience, we ensure that our assessments are complete, and accurate, and will help ensure you and your nuclear regulator make sound risk-informed decisions.

  • Reputation

    Over the years we have earned our reputation as a trusted and credible PSA partner. The end result is, more constructive discussions, better collaborations, and mutually satisfied clients and regulators.

  • Broad Service Offering

    Our PSA team often works with our other in-house specialists to ensure a complete understanding of how the PSAs will be used and to provide a holistic approach across a broad range of projects.