Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Testing

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is worn to minimize hazardous exposure and injuries when other engineering and institutional controls have failed. It is used across a variety of industries and provides a barrier to help protect those wearing it. Testing and certification are used to ensure that PPE meets industry standards and that it performs effectively.

ArcWear provides accurate test results for manufacturers of arc flash and flash fire PPE around the world through its third-party accredited testing. We meet all standards and specifications, including arc flash evaluations and testing to the ASTM F1506 specification.

With years of testing expertise and industry knowledge, our wide range of PPE testing services support a variety of industries. We provide peace of mind to manufacturers seeking to vet their innovative PPE products by ensuring they get reliable results.

Our experts also offer a range of consulting services including informational webinars, support for new product development and accident investigations, as well as legal consulting and expert witness services.

Why Us?

  • Accredited, Independent Testing

    As an independent ISO 17025-accredited testing laboratory, you can trust that the testing we provide is always complete, accurate, and unbiased. Our data is accepted by both UL and SEI for their certification programs.

  • Wide Range of Testing Services

    Our ISO 17025 Scope of Accreditation contains over 60 individual test methods, and we continue to expand our testing methodology to incorporate more advanced testing.

  • Trusted Experts

    With diverse qualifications in textiles, engineering, flash fire, and electrical arc testing, our team provides comprehensive testing to ensure the safest work environment possible. We give back to the industry by holding many leadership positions on a variety of standards committees, including ASTM, NFPA, and ISO.

  • Training Services

    If you need training on certification, arc flash testing, flame, thermal or textile testing then we have a webinar that will answer all your questions and provide insight on how testing works, what standards are required, and how to meet the proper levels of PPE certification for the US, the EU and other markets.

  • Specialist Glove Testing

    We are the most experienced lab in the world for flash fire testing of gloves for NFPA 2112 with the first flash fire hand test instrument built to the proposed new ASTM standard.

  • Consulting Services

    Our experience and expertise enable us to help you with product development, standards interpretation, and legal consultation.