Loss of Coolant Accident (LOCA) tests are used to support the environmental qualification (EQ) process by providing assurance that the equipment will continue to perform its intended safety function during and following a loss of coolant event. They are some of the hardest EQ tests to undertake, demanding the most extreme conditions and they require the use of equipment specifically designed for the purpose.

Our LOCA testing facility is operated by staff who have considerable experience managing test programs for utilities and equipment manufacturers. We execute tests and help you develop your testing plans to meet your specific objectives and your regulatory requirements.

Our experience includes LOCA testing for customers around the world including Canada, the USA, Europe, and Asia.

Why Us?

  • All Shapes and Sizes

    Test samples of varying sizes and shapes can be accommodated and exposed to temperatures of up to 500 Degrees Fahrenheit and pressures of up to 150psig. Chemical dousing is enabled by an integrated spray system.

  • Effective and Efficient Test Programs

    Decades of experience in LOCA testing and EQ program development, and in the related disciplines of safety and licensing, enable us to help you develop the most effective and efficient test program to ensure regulatory assurance.

  • In-house Fixture Fabriaction

    Our in-house model shop and analytical laboratory allow us to fabricate the necessary fixtures and produce and test chemical sprays (under an ISO 17025 QA program).

  • Testing Accuracy and Control

    Accurate control and monitoring ensure that no damage arises from exceeding test requirements and ensure that your regulator has confidence in the results.

  • Leading LOCA Test Supplier

    Manufacturers, nuclear operators, and plant designers around the world have used our professionally conducted testing services and benefited from analysis by our metallurgical, elastomer, and corrosion subject matter experts.

  • All Types of Equipment

    We undertake Loss of Coolant Accident (LOCA) tests on a wide variety of equipment including cables, electrical penetrations, valves, instrumentation, and all types of electrical and mechanical equipment.