Aging components can threaten the safety and/or reliability of a power-generating facility but the frequent changing of components is expensive and may be impracticable. Lifecycle management involves the development of strategies that extend component life and bring certainty to that life enabling operators to extend operating life while ensuring failures do not occur.

Our lifecycle management and component integrity service predicts the consequences of aging for the power generation industry and uses equipment analysis and robust lifecycle management strategies to preserve and protect components and systems.

We have built a team of specialists who have supporting tools, testing facilities, and other capabilities that enable them to provide a seamless integrated approach to providing lasting solutions to lifecycle and component integrity issues. It’s a multidisciplinary team with industry-leading capabilities that complement one another and it allows us to work with you to solve complex problems and maximize reliability and asset life. This team identifies the conditions that affect aging and the impact of these effects so that they can develop mitigation actions that counter obsolescence and prolong life.

Why Us?

  • Managing Equipment to End of Life

    Specialized technological innovations and unique lifecycle management processes integrate with our own operating experience to allow us to offer services that increase equipment efficiency and resiliency.

  • Knowledge of your Plant

    We understand your plant, systems, and components and how they interact, to ensure safe and reliable operation. Our team integrates in the same way with all our capabilities and subject matter experts under one roof working together to develop expert solutions.

  • Exceeding Regulatory Requirements

    For decades, we have been called upon to design engineering programs and provide solutions that meet or exceed regulatory requirements.

  • A Trusted Partner

    When complex problems need solving in the nuclear industry, they often command public and regulatory scrutiny. Our reputation can be seen in the confidence our customers have in our ability to meet their needs.

  • Regulatory Knowledge

    Our in-depth understanding of the regulatory requirements is demonstrated by the fact that we serve on many standards committees and through our support licensees when they present our work to the regulator.

  • Long-term Relationships

    Long-term relationships with our clients are valued because they allow us to appreciate their operating challenges and so deliver customized solutions Those relationships often exceed the life of the plant.