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Kinectrics Expands Mobile Testing Services

September 01, 2016

Kinectrics has again expanded its capabilities in the areas of Medium voltage (MV) cable and large rotating machine commissioning and maintenance testing. A new 75 kV 60 Hz AC Hi-Pot unit has been added to the Kinectrics fleet of Resonant Test Systems (RTS), which currently serve customers worldwide.
Kinectrics’ 75kV  60 Hz AC Hi-Pot systems are used to test MV cables up to 69 kV for local Distribution companies, wind and solar independent power producers, and large Industrial clients.  The Hi-Pot will also be utilized in testing large rotating machines in generator plants.
The robust design is well suited for cold climate conditions with a high output capacity. It has a multi-tap configuration of 25 kV, 45 kV and 75 kV to suit a variety of test levels.
The control system features the latest development in computer-assisted controls. The Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and operator interface display (OID) greatly simplify the operation and reliability of the test set. The system’s rugged industrial controller improves reliability, versus personal computer based systems.
Kinectrics’ new 75 kV 60 Hz AC Hi-Pot trailer is now fully outfitted and already provides services for client projects in Canada, the United States, and Europe. The new mobile unit features efficient set-up capability and is equipped with modern test equipment that exceeds current industry standards.
Kinectrics’ Transmission and Distribution Technologies business has completed evaluations of MV cable and large rotating machine condition assessments at more than 700 substations and generator plants in the past 10 years.