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Kinectrics Purchased by Executive Management Team

February 03, 2015

A team of Kinectrics' executive management, led by David Harris, CEO has purchased the company from UK-based Vision Capital.

"This marks the next phase in the growth story of Kinectrics and represents a major vote of confidence by the current management. I am confident Kinectrics will continue to grow in the coming years", declared Harris. "Our aim is to own Kinectrics for the long term, and continue managing the company in the best interests of all the stakeholders", he added.

In a presentation to company staff outlining the transition, Harris stated that as in the past, the key factors in Kinectrics' success will continue to be the exceptional technical expertise of its staff, its unparalleled facilities, focus on excellence for its customers, and priority commitment to safety.

The acquisition presents an exciting opportunity for even greater future success for Kinectrics as well as uninterrupted ongoing technical support for the electricity industry. The change in ownership is viewed as being extremely positive, and with stable management and fiscal structures already in place, operational changes will be minimal.

Kinectrics' subsidiary companies Candesco, Kinectrics US, and Kinectrics International will remain part of Kinectrics.