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Kinectrics Scientist to Receive Prestigious Canadian Nuclear Award in Innovative Achievement

April 25, 2016

Sriram Suryanarayan, Ph. D., PMP, a senior scientist with the Kinectrics Analytical and Waste Services (AWS) Group had been chosen as a recipient of the 2016 Canadian Nuclear Award in Innovative Achievement by the Canadian Nuclear Society (CNS)/Canadian Nuclear Association (CNA).  
Dr. Suryanarayan is being recognized for developing unique solutions for the management of mixed waste and life extension of steam turbine control hydraulic fluid.
At the heart of the Innovative Canadian Solution for Management of Mixed Waste is the novel Universal SEParation (USEP) Process developed by Dr. Suryanarayan and his team. This process involves an elegant combination of unit operations to fully convert mixed waste (contains both radioactive and conventional hazardous components) into a waste stream that can be managed at a non-licensed facility. This process has been scaled up for high volume throughputs and successfully utilized for large scale processing and disposal of several drums of mixed waste from the Canadian nuclear industry. This innovation paves the way for environmentally friendly and cost effective management of mixed waste within Canada.
The technology Development of Novel Options for Improved Maintenance and Life Extension of Steam Turbine Control Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluids (FRF) solves a complex problem experienced by plant operations in terms of maintaining chemistry control specifications. Further exacerbation of this issue, on multiple occasions, also resulted in turbine trips and forced outages. Dr. Suryanarayan and his team identified the root cause of rapid fluid degradation during service and recommended engineering design changes to address the same. The team also developed an innovative combination of unit operations for effective treatment key contaminants in the FRF fluid. An important aspect of this investigation was development of innovative dry ion exchange resins for efficacious treatment of FRF fluids. CANDU stations have already implemented some of the recommendations from this work with success.
Dr. Suryanarayan will be presented with the prestigious CNS Innovative Achievement award at a special ceremony in June during the 36th CNS Annual Conference.
The Canadian Nuclear Society (CNS) promotes the exchange of information on all aspects of nuclear science and technology and its applications
The Canadian Nuclear Association (CNA) represents the nuclear industry in Canada and promotes the development and growth of nuclear technologies for peaceful purposes.