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LineVue™ Technology Makes an Impact at EDM Conference

April 20, 2016

At the recent EDM International Conference on Overhead Lines, Andrew Rizzetto from Kinectrics’ Line Asset Management group and Mark Fletcher of Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) made a presentation on the “Update to Inspection of Aged Self-Damping Conductors on NPPD Overhead Power Lines”. Their paper discussed the use of advanced non-destructive technologies such as LineVue™ in the inspection of aged overhead conductors. 
The presentation also confirmed the accuracy of LineVue™ technology when compared against lab testing.  Engineers Rizzetto and Fletcher detailed two methods of applying LineVue™ data to asset management models that can be used effectively to accurately monitor and maintain the condition of transmission lines and systems. 
The LineVue™ device was demonstrated during the outdoor exhibit at the EDM Conference for a crowd of curious industry personnel, who were thoroughly impressed by the LineVue™ tool’s ability to accurately detect defects in the steel core of overhead conductors.
The EDM International Conference on Overhead Lines presents focused technologies and resources to support the main corporate objectives of electric utility companies today; reduce operations and maintenance costs, increase power throughput, and improve line reliability.