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Asset Management Services for Transmission and Distribution

Asset Management techniques and methodologies that enable utilities to make effective decisions in the optimization and prioritization of costs required to sustain their asset base.

Kinectrics provides unmatched practical industry expertise based on decades of experience in all aspects of the utility business including engineering, consulting, equipment testing, and technical training.

Performance-Focused Asset Management

Performance Focused Asset Management for transmission and distribution utilizes a total asset life cycle cost concept, which allows utilities to plan optimal operational and maintenance strategies.  These strategies facilitate cost-effective infrastructure investments which result in manageable business risks, favourable regulatory treatment and a high level of customer satisfaction. Operational and financial benefits for clients include:

  • Better Risk Management of aging assets
  • Improved asset knowledge
  • Facilitated long-term investment planning
  • Identification of resource needs
  • Support for rate submissions
  • Prioritization and moderation of capital replacement costs
  • Optimum maintenance value

Strategy-Focused Asset Management

The Investment Prioritization Process provides a methodology to establish a transparent relationship between corporate level Business Values (BV), corresponding Key Performance Indicators (KPI), and specific investment level measures or Planning Indices (PI). These PI are used to optimize risk versus investment ratios for individual asset categories which are then prioritized across all categories in order to create a complete Business Plan.

The Asset Management Plan for transmission and distribution assets documents policy, strategy, objectives and targets, and integrates them with the corresponding work required for each asset category. The resultant maintenance expenditures are than optimized and prioritized using an investment prioritization process to form a business Plan which typically covers 5 to 10 years into the future.

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