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Testing and Certification for Power System Protection and Control Equipment

Independent type testing and performance verification for protective relays, control devices and communication equipment.

Type Testing

Kinectrics can perform type testing for equipment prior to application or start-up. We help clients minimize unexpected disruptions and equipment failures, uncover potential problems before commissioning, test settings on actual simulated systems, and reduce the need for costly in-service testing.

Using system modelling, Kinectrics is able to determine in-situ power systems protection and control equipment performance results, without the constraints typical of live system tests. Our testing and evaluation services are used in applications which range from low-voltage distribution class, to high-voltage transmission or generation.

Real Time Digital Simulator (RTDS) Modelling

Kinectrics Real Time Digital Simulator (RTDS) gives us the unique capability to model clients’ power systems, identify abnormal system behaviour, and design practical power systems protection and control solutions.  

The Kinectrics RTDS can simulate user-defined electrical systems with models of complex electrical components, such as transmission lines, generators and transformers. This real-time simulation confirms, before installation, that protection and control functions are ready to operate as intended.

Other Kinectrics state-of-the-art tools for comprehensive power system analysis include EMTP, PSSE, and PSCAD.

Kinectrics engineers are familiar with component testing and qualification for new, leading-edge standards such as IEC 61850. Where older devices need to be replaced; we have long-term experience in reverse engineering for equipment, along with the successful design and build of replacement devices.

IEC 61850 Services

Kinectrics performs control equipment testing and interoperability testing to IEC 61850, the leading-edge international standard for substation automation systems, which defines the communication between devices in the substation and the related system requirements. 

  • Deploying IEC 61850 technologies in Greenfield applications and existing stations
  • Integrating IEC 61850 based devices from various vendors
  • Conducting trial installations
  • Component testing for compatibility and interoperability of products
  • Designing an optimal network scheme for client applications
  • Providing in-house or on-site IEC 61850 training

Other advanced services from Kinectrics in the area of power systems Protection and Control include:

  • Reverse Engineering
  • Failure Investigations
  • Special Studies
  • Synchrophasors
  • Cyber security
  • Equipment sparing

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