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IEEE1547.1 Changes – Are you ready?​

Date: Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Time: 10:00am - 11:00am

To help inverter manufacturers and end-users understand the changes coming with the new IEEE1547.1 standard and how it may affect qualification, Kinectrics is providing a webinar to review the major changes and discuss potential impacts of these. For example, did you know that the new IEEE 1547.1 includes a phase jump ride-through test, at 90% of full power? The topics that will be covered include:
  • An overview of the type tests that will be included in the new IEEE 1547.1 standard
  • A comparison between IEEE 1547.1 – 2015, UL 1741 SA, and the new IEEE 1547.1, highlighting new tests that are substantially different
  • A summary of other important requirements included in the new IEEE 1547.1
  • An introduction to Kinectrics and the new GRIDSIM power lab

Nicolas Wrathall is a member of the IEEE 1547.1 Working Group and operates a power converter testing lab in Toronto, Canada.

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