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LineVue®: Do you know the condition of your aging power lines?

Do you know the condition of your overhead power lines? Kinectrics’ LineVue® executes live-line, automated, non-destructive inspections of overhead lines, providing an accurate assessment of the conductor’s physical condition in the field. Join this free webinar on our LineVue® technology, presented by Andrew Rizzetto, LineVue® expert at Kinectrics.

The topics that will be covered include:
  • -What we solve
  • -Technology overview
  • -Installation methods
  • -Project examples
  • -LineVue® Advantages

Presenter: Andrew Rizzetto received his Master of Engineering and Bachelor of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Toronto where he specialized in mechatronics/robotics and vibration. Andrew is an integral part of the research and development for the advanced, non-destructive, conductor assessment device called LineVue®. At Kinectrics, he has day-to-day responsibilities as a project manager for conductor assessment projects, fitness-for-service evaluations, design qualification testing, conductor vibration monitoring, transmission tower vibration monitoring, and LineVue® field testing services.

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