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The following links are provided to permit secure web access to Kinectrics employee services. You will be asked to provide the usual Kinectrics domain name, your username and password.

When you are finished using web access to these sites. Please do the following:
1. Log Off.
2. Close the web browser window. This is very important, especially when using a publicly-accessible web browser. By not closing the browser window you could allow others to read your email, modify PReq information, etc.

Kinectrics Intelex NCR Reporting


Kinectrics' E-mail


Kinectrics Intranet Portal


SAP Access

You will be also required to do a separate SAP login.

If you don't remember your SAP password or your account is locked, please use the following link to reset your SAP password. you will use your network UserID and Password for the authentication of this self-service.


PReq Access

(https://preq.kinectrics.com) for purchase requisition requests.

You will be also required to do a separate PREQ login.

COG (CANDU Owners Group)


                   Salesforce CRM