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Arc Hazard Services

Comprehensive Arc Testing and Hazard Analysis Services by Leading Industry Experts

Arc Testing of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Arc Hazard Analysis
Kinectrics is a leader in the provision of arc hazard analysis services having performed them for hundreds of sites around North America. Our client base spans substation, distribution, renewable generation, cities and many others.  Kinectrics investigates and derives inputs by way of analysis and walk downs for the following arc hazard variables and then computes the amount of radiant and convected thermal energy available at individual component locations. This allows the ability to recommend the protective clothing suitable for workers who may be accidentally exposed to electric arc at these facilities.

Kinectrics has conducted thousands of AC and DC arc flash tests at its High Current Laboratory for corporations across North America and hence, has unmatched understanding of the limitations of each analysis tool and methodology.  The vast majority of PPE fabrics used in North America are tested at Kinectrics’ high current facility. As a result, Kinectrics is able to provide realistic results on the scenarios assessed; results would not lead into overdressing personnel, creating other types of safety issues.

Kinectrics has the capabilities and a wealth of experience performing the following:
- Site visits to gather field data
- Development of new single line diagrams
- Download protective relay settings
- Make realistic assumptions as needed
- Short circuit study
- Equipment evaluation
-​ Protection coordination study
- Arc hazard analysis
- Arc flash mitigation

Arc Hazard Training
Kinectrics full Arc Hazard Engineering Course is led by industry experts Kenneth Cheng and Stephen Cress. This course is designed for engineers in utilities, and industry safety officers, program managers and procurement staff responsible for arc hazard analysis in the selection of protective clothing and equipment.