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Arc Flash Hazard Services

Comprehensive Arc Testing and Hazard Analysis Services by Leading Industry Experts

What is an arc flash study?

According to NFPA 70E, it is a study that:

  • Identifies arc flash hazards
  • Estimates the likelihood (risk) and the severity of injury
  • Determines additional protective controls including engineered barriers, circuit redesign and of course PPE

This study goes by many names including Arc Flash Risk Assessment and Arc Hazard Assessment. Depending on what jurisdiction the work takes place, the governing standard changes but by and large it is required to do so by law. In North America this comes from OSHA guidance and standards such as NFPA 70E while countries in Europe and elsewhere rely on other local requirements.

What are the typical inputs needed for an incident energy method approach to the study?

  • Nominal Voltage
  • Short circuit current
  • Working distance
  • Electrode orientation
  • Presence of enclosure
  • Protection clearing time

The first step in protecting your workers from electrical hazards is to analyze exactly what arc hazards may be available in each unique industrial and utility location. Determining the actual arc hazard is another premier service of Kinectrics. Determining safety measures such as protection coordination measures and the correct PPE level follows that.

Kinectrics has conducted thousands of AC and DC arc flash tests at its High Current Laboratory as well as hundreds of arc flash studies for corporations across North America and hence, has unmatched understanding of the limitations of each analysis tool and methodology.  The vast majority of PPE fabrics used in North America are tested at Kinectrics’ high current facility. As a result, Kinectrics is able to provide realistic results on the scenarios assessed; results would not lead into overdressing personnel, creating other types of safety issues.


We are also closely involved with the development various standards committees in the arc flash mitigation space and as such are intimately aware of requirements in IEEE1584-2018 and many others.  Kinectrics can offer support to your organization in terms of:

  • Arc Flash and Arc Hazard Assessment Training
  • Consulting – mix of mitigation measures, best in class practices
  • Arc Flash Studies
  • Arc Hazard Incident Energy software tools - ArcPro

Kinectrics has the capabilities and a wealth of experience performing the following:

  • Site visits to gather field data
  • Development of new single line diagrams
  • Download protective relay settings
  • Make realistic assumptions as needed
  • Short circuit study
  • Equipment evaluation
  • Protection coordination study
  • Arc hazard analysis
  • Arc flash mitigation

How do we do it?

A flow chart showing step by step the services Kinectrics offers for arc flash hazard

Through engineering analysis — using the latest in analytical tools — Kinectrics defines inputs for the above variables and computes for the end user, the amount of radiant and convected thermal energy available at particular sites. Kinectrics can then recommend to clients the protective clothing that is suitable for workers who may be accidentally exposed to electric arc in their facilities. The Kinectrics advantage is a comprehensive understanding of the necessary input variables, and outputs, of the various computation techniques. Kinectrics’ staff understand — and can accurately and appropriately apply — the requirements of the many industry standards such as:

  • IEEE 1584
  • NESC
  • NFPA 70E
  • CSA Z462
  • CAN/ULC S801
  • OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) on Arc Hazard Assessment

Kinectrics has successfully completed numerous projects for major North American utilities and has provided advanced technical support for international research and testing projects designed to increase scientific understanding of issues related to arc flash phenomena.

Arc Hazard Engineering Training

Learn from the Experts – Kinectrics’ practical expertise and leading-edge knowledge in arc hazard testing and assessment is now available through our specialized training courses. Kinectrics’ courses are taught by experts, and include case studies and demonstrations in our world class labs and state-of-the-art testing facilities.

Kinectrics’ courses are developed using the energy industry’s Systematic Approach to Training for Adult Learning. Attend a public session at Kinectrics, or call us if you wish to have a dedicated course on-site at your location or Kinectrics’ offices.

Kinectrics’ full Arc Hazard Engineering Course is designed for engineers in utilities and industry, safety officers, program managers, and procurement staff who are responsible for arc hazard assessment in the selection of protective equipment and clothing. This one-day course covers in-depth training in arc flash calculations and PPE and can be offered as a certified course for PDH (Professional Development Hours) or CEUs (Continuing Education Units).

ArcPro™ Software for Arc Hazard Assessment & PPE Selection

Kinectrics’ courses are developed using the energy industry’s Systematic Approach to Training for Adult Learning. Attend a public session at Kinectrics, or call us if you wish to have a dedicated course on-site at your location or Kinectrics’ offices.

A state-of-the-art program, ArcPro™ includes a physics-based model of electric arcs. The software models high power arcing by taking into account such complex variables as gas properties, arc electrode materials, thermal radiation and convective energy dissipation. ArcPro™ considers the arc current, arc duration, arc gap, worker’s distance from the arc, and a number of other factors required in the accurate assessment of arc exposure. ArcPro™ computations have been verified by live arc testing in Kinectrics’ High Current Laboratory.

Learn more about it HERE - ArcPro™ 4.0 Arc Hazard Assessment Software | Kinectrics

Map of where Kinectrics’ arc flash assessment products and services are offered

World Map with points showing countries where Kinectrics' arc flash assessment products are offered