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Focus Areas

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Kinectrics continuously undertakes new innovation initiatives to help overcome the electricity industry’s challenges. Suggest a challenge or get in touch to discuss a partnership.


We are dedicated to pushing boundaries and finding creative solutions in all aspects of our business. Our innovation focus areas encompass technological developments that will:

  • Revolutionize your work with our innovative products, designed to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and elevate performance
  • Deliver exceptional service through continuous improvement and cutting-edge technologies
  • Drive industry innovation through our wealth of experience and state-of-the-art facilities

Our 10 focus areas represent just a fraction of the exciting work we've accomplished and continue to pursue. We also welcome new advancements that can drive evolutionary, transformational, disruptive, or radical change.

INL1 Advanced Manufacturing innovations adv manufacturing 02

Advanced Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing (3D) printing of metals and polymers), reverse engineering, and qualification.

INL1 Advanced Materials innovations adv materials 01

Advanced Materials

Self-indicating & self-healing materials, micro-machine techniques, self-reporting & repair concrete, and CFRP development.

Shutterstock 435613807

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

NDE inspection data, computer vision tools for design engineering, and signal processing.

Innovations Cables Picture1


Advanced condition monitoring, online diagnostics, and remote sensing.

INL1 Innovations Waste and Decommissioning 001

Decommissioning & Waste Management

Segregation and separation technologies, heavy water & tritium management, IX Resin Processing, novel characterization techniques, and waste volume minimization.

2754 Kinectrics Photography Day 4 8079 GridSim

Facility Development

State-of-the-art laundry, smart grid, helium, and advanced test facilities.

INL1 Inspection Technologies MORDIE

Inspection Technologies

UAV-based deployment or retrieval, and robotic tooling & inspection.

CAL2 Isotope Irradiation System 001

Medical Isotopes

Life-saving medical isotopes, stable-isotope enrichment, next-gen isotopes for cancer-treatment and diagnosis.

SOL3 Advanced Reactors Shutterstock 1244576383

Small Modular Reactors & Fusion Technologies

Supporting the development and deployment of next generation fission and fusion technologies.

PRL1 Teeswater Laundry Facility 3D Scan

Training & Visualization

3D laser scanning, virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality.

Let's Work Together

Whether it’s about our world-renowned team, our laboratories, or our lifecycle management solutions, we’re happy to answer any questions you might have.