Toronto, Canada – Kinectrics is pleased to announce an agreement with X-energy to provide regulatory affairs and licensing services to advance deployment of the Xe-100 in Canada.

The Xe-100 is a Generation IV SMR, with advanced safety and economic characteristics. It is fueled by TRISO-X, a proprietary tri-structural isotropic (TRISO) fuel produced by X-energy. The Xe-100 produces 200 MWth/75 MWe, and can be flexibly deployed as a single module or in multiples depending on the electricity and process heat needs.

With this agreement, Kinectrics will provide Canadian licensing support to X-energy, including for the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) Vendor Design Review (VDR) process, and advancing the Canadian Licensing Program for X-energy. Kinectrics is providing X-energy’s Canadian Licensing Lead and its full team of specialists and licensing experts to support the Xe-100. X-energy will have the benefit of Canada’s largest and most experienced nuclear licensing team.​

Kinectrics’ President and CEO David Harris states “Kinectrics is pleased to provide our expertise to X-energy to support their pursuits within Canada. Advanced nuclear technology is an important future energy source and we are committed to ensuring that small modular reactors are a viable technology to combat climate change around the world.”

Kinectrics has had extensive involvement in the development of the market for small modular reactors and advanced reactors in Canada and throughout the world. Our experts advise the top developers, utilities, and government bodies on the most important technical, regulatory, and economic issues that face the deployment of next generation reactors. Kinectrics supports the industry with over 1,000 highly qualified staff with experience in a diverse range of technical areas including licensing, safety analysis, design engineering, testing and certification, materials development and qualification, and other unique capabilities that are required to realize the potential of advanced reactors in Canada and abroad. Our organization believes that small modular reactors and advanced reactors represent a fundamental solution to long-term, economic, sustainable, and environmentally-responsible energy needs in Canada and across the world. Furthermore, these technologies and the activities required to develop and deploy them, represent a significant economic and social benefit to Canadian industry and Canadian citizens.

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