Toronto, Ontario – Kinectrics Group (“the Company”), a privately owned, global provider of life cycle management services to the electric power industry, is pleased to announce the acquisition of ArcWear LLC.

Based out of Louisville, Kentucky, U.S., ArcWear is a provider of arc, flame, thermal and flash fire testing and certification services, with a history of evaluating various flame and arc rated personal protective equipment (PPE), fall protection, face shields, gloves and arc flash clothing against a comprehensive list of industry standards.

“Kinectrics is pleased to be broadening the range of value-added testing that we can undertake for the electricity sector” states David Harris, CEO of Kinectrics. “This acquisition brings together Kinectrics’ extensive arc modeling and testing capabilities with ArcWear, who are leaders in the provision of a broader range of Personal Protective Equipment testing. Together, the companies will be able to provide more comprehensive and streamlined services”

The acquisition is a strong complement to Kinectrics’ existing High-Current Laboratory (HCL) for Arc Testing on fabrics, gloves, hoods, blankets and various PPE as well as Kinectrics’ existing Arc Flash Consulting and software business. By vertically integrating ArcWear, Kinectrics’ HCL supply chain will realize efficiencies, improve customer response times, and meet tighter deadlines. Kinectrics’ Arc Flash Consulting and software business will gain an expanded global customer base for cross-support opportunities.

The combined entities share similar values, with emphasis on quality, technical credibility, and history in providing innovative solutions to complex problems. By integrating complementary teams in the areas of Arc Flash, flash fire testing and PPE consulting, the Company possesses a stronger position to support new and existing customers. The Company’s goal will be to improve customers’ business by reducing operating costs and improving productivity, safety and reliability of their assets and people.

About Kinectrics

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