Toronto, Canada – Silver Fir Software Inc. and Kinectrics Inc. have signed a cooperation agreement that will establish Kinectrics as a preferred training partner and user of the Attila software suite for the North American nuclear industry, while using the program itself on various nuclear related projects.​

Kinectrics extensive experience supporting the nuclear industry in advanced nuclear technology, licensing, design, safety analysis, radiation shielding assessments and dose rate field analysis make Kinectrics an ideal collaborator. Silver Fir Software is the developer of the Attila software suite, which enables users to rapidly calculate radiation dose fields from solid model CAD data. Attila4MC, a module in Attila, provides CAD integration, graphical user interface calculation setup, automated variance reduction, and solution visualization for the MCNP Monte Carlo code. Through Attila’s unified, CAD integrated environment, users can rapidly perform independent shielding calculations from native CAD data, improving analysis productivity and streamlining integration into the product design cycle. Attila can provide significant benefits for a broad range of shielding and radiological protection applications, including nuclear waste management (e.g., storing casks, waste management optimization, etc), operations, new designs, fusion power, SMRs, and the medical field (e.g., proton and neutron therapy facilities, medical isotope production).

“The partnership with Kinectrics provides an exciting opportunity to further expand the use of Attila and Attila4MC in the North American nuclear industry”, said Gregory Failla, President of Silver Fir Software. “Kinectrics’ deep nuclear industry expertise will help us better support our nuclear industry customers, and will help drive product development to target new opportunities which will continue to benefit our expanding customer base.”

“Kinectrics is excited to work with Silver Fir Software to advance the use of Attila in the North American nuclear industry”, said David Harris, President and CEO of Kinectrics. “The use of the Attila coding software will enable us to better serve our customers, while exploring other exciting opportunities such as innovative virtual reality dose planning technologies as our relationship continues to evolve”.

MCNP® is a registered trademark owned by Triad National Security, LLC, manager and operator of LANL.

About Silver Fir Software

Silver Fir Software is an industry leader in developing CAD integrated, easy-to-use software for radiation shielding calculations. Our flagship products, Attila and Attila4MC, are focused on enabling organizations to easily, rapidly, and accurately calculate radiation fields in systems where radiation effects play an important role in product safety, performance, and reliability.​

About Kinectrics

Kinectrics is the category leader in providing lifecycle management services for the electricity industry. Trusted by clients worldwide, our expertise in engineering, testing, inspection, and certification is backed by our independent laboratory and testing facilities, a diverse fleet of field inspection equipment and an award-winning team of over 1,100 engineers and technical​experts. From initial design and type testing to operational deployment and maintenance services, Kinectrics collaborates closely with customers to ensure that utility assets perform safely, reliably and efficiently throughout their entire lifecycle.​ ​Learn more at and follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.