Kinectrics, Global – X-energy and Kinectrics have signed a collaboration agreement to advance the design and deployment of X-energy’s Xe-100 small modular reactor (SMR) in Canada, the U.S. and worldwide.

Under this global agreement, the two companies will strengthen their long-standing relationship by expanding collaboration on regulatory affairs; safety and licensing; and equipment qualification and testing.

“The Kinectrics team is a valued partner in our efforts to design and deploy the Xe-100 in Canada,” said Katherine Moshonas Cole, President of X-energy Canada. “Through our strengthened partnership, both organizations will benefit from being able to draw on an expanded pool of world-class talent and resources that will help us deliver the Xe-100 in Canada and globally.”

Kinectrics is the category leader in providing life cycle management services for the electricity industry. Backed by an award-winning team of more than 1,100 engineers and technical experts, the company provides unparalleled nuclear services to clients worldwide. Kinectrics has been instrumental to X-energy’s progress in the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission’s (CNSC) Pre-Licensing Vendor Design Review (VDR) of the Xe-100. Most recently, the company supported X-energy’s submission of its second Focus Area Package to the CNSC.

“Kinectrics is excited to cooperate with X-energy on deployments in Canada and worldwide,” said David Harris, President and CEO of Kinectrics. “The importance of creating a clean energy future cannot be understated; advanced nuclear technologies, such as small modular reactors, offer an opportune means of helping to achieve this goal.”

The Xe-100 builds on decades of High-Temperature Gas Reactor (HTGR) operation, research, and development. The Generation IV technology is designed to operate as a standard 320 MWe four-pack power plant, or be scaled in units of 80 MWe, as needed. It is engineered to deliver carbon-free base- and load-following grid-scale power to electricity systems and, at 200 MWt of 565 C steam, is ideal for heavy industry, mining, petrochemical and other power applications. A flexible design that can pair with renewables, the Xe-100 will be a cornerstone for the world’s transition to a net-zero carbon future.

About X-energy

X-energy is redefining nuclear energy. We manufacture fuel that seals uranium particles in a protective coating, which makes meltdown impossible and retains the uranium fuel inside forever. X-energy also designs plants that unlock the fuel's energy potential in a process that's as clean as wind or solar. When combined, the result is reliable carbon-free baseload power, produced more safely and affordably than ever before and available anywhere, at any time.

X-energy Canada Inc. is a subsidiary, based in Ontario, Canada, that supports the development and deployment of our Generation IV advanced small modular reactor designs and technology across the country through partnerships with communities, including industry, academia, and society. Learn more at or follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

About Kinectrics

Kinectrics is the category leader in providing lifecycle management services for the electricity industry. Trusted by clients worldwide, our expertise in engineering, testing, inspection, and certification is backed by our independent laboratory and testing facilities, a diverse fleet of field inspection equipment and an award-winning team of over 1,100 engineers and technical​experts. From initial design and type testing to operational deployment and maintenance services, Kinectrics collaborates closely with customers to ensure that utility assets perform safely, reliably and efficiently throughout their entire lifecycle.​ ​Learn more at and follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.