Kinectrics is an integral part of X-energy's efforts to decarbonize industrial process applications, including hydrogen production. In close partnership with Dow Chemical, we are dedicated to facilitating process heat and power supply for Dow's United States Gulf Coast facilities by 2030. Central to this effort is the crafting of a comprehensive licensing strategy, tailored to optimize new nuclear reactors for industrial settings and with a specific emphasis on hydrogen production.

At the core of this partnership, we are designing a detailed Project Licensing Plan and Regulatory Roadmap. We are also identifying project-specific considerations aligned with Dow Chemical, fostering proactive interaction with regulators to ensure strategic alignment in hydrogen-focused pursuits. This project underscores Kinectrics' deep grasp of the regulatory intricacies associated with deploying new nuclear reactors for industrial hydrogen production. The work involves the meticulous alignment with codes and standards, as well as addressing gaps within the design framework.