Project Overview

X-energy is a nuclear reactor and fuel design engineering company developing generation IV high temperature gas cooled reactors and the TRISO fuel to fuel them.

In order to maximize the chances of their technology being able to be licensed in Canada they required licensing support for all their Canadian licensing activities and interactions with the regulator

The work included supporting them in their Phase 1/Phase 2 Vendor Design Review (VDR) with the CNSC, as described in CNSC REGDOC-3.5.4, “Pre-Licensing Review of a Vendor’s Reactor Design”, and in assessing compliance with associated Canadian regulations, codes and standards.

The VDR process provides early regulator feedback on their Xe-100 design and assures that a resolution path exists for any findings identified.

In addition to VDR, X-energy needed support in executing various Canadian licensing tasks, including support for Ontario Power Generation's new build vendor due diligence assessment process for potential new build at Darlington, as well as assessment of the unique regulatory considerations associated with industrial applications of nuclear technology.

How We Helped

We have been involved in various technical deliverables for this Project, including:

  • Preparation of submissions packages for all nineteen VDR Focus Areas, including responding to CNSC Requests for additional Information (RFIs) and leading walk-through meetings with the CNSC
  • Preparation of an initial Xe-100 Preliminary Safety Analysis Report (PSAR), in alignment with Canadian and IAEA requirements, for OPG’s new build vendor assessment process
  • Preparation of a regulatory engagement plan to de-risk the licensing process
  • Support for management Canadian regulatory compliance and requirements including the interpretation, application and assessment of Canadian Regulatory Documents, Codes and Standards and the requirements, guidance and expectations therein. Key focus areas for this effort were the areas of safety analysis and design and their associated requirements
  • Support for the X-energy’s industrial applications development program
3D model of a nuclear reactor design
Illustration of a reactor design bisected to show its interior components