Project Overview

Bruce Power’s ongoing operations and expanded investments with their decade long life-extension program and major component replacement program, requires a reliable supply of PPE and the safe and efficient cleaning, inspection and repair of PPE such as plastic suits and coveralls .

Historically, this had required shipping of the PPE over great distances and at significant cost.

Bruce Power wanted a state-of-the-art facility located in close proximity to their operations to satisfy the anticipated demand for plastic suits and PPE and to provide flexibility to support a growing workforce.

How We Helped

We designed, built, commissioned, and now operate a 40,000 sqft licensed radioactive laundry facility in Bruce County, Ontario to service Bruce Power’s needs and to keep the projects on track.

We fully funded the facility on the back of a contract to perform the laundry and PPE maintenance services. This facility went from conceptual design to operation within 15 months – during the peak months of the COVID-19 pandemic!

The facility now provides the following services:

  • Laundering, weighing, monitoring and repair of the cottons
  • Laundering, testing and repair of the plastics and other items
  • Management of all liquid and solid wastes and effluents
  • Monitoring, weighing/counting and inspection prior to dispatch

The design, process development, equipment selection, permitting, and commissioning were completed by us with the support of local contractors. See our short promotional video by clicking on the image below.

In addition to the direct services we were pleased to be able to support Bruce Power in te achievement of some of their "good neighbor" objectives by bring opportunity to their local community.

Kinectrics' Laundry Facility
Aerial photograph of the teeswater laundry facility
Laundry chutes and conveyor belts
Interior photograph of a conveyor filled with uniforms
Plastic suit testing area