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A world-class campus for innovation in clean energy

Infrastructure to support the development, testing and commercialization of novel clean energy technologies are not readily available globally. Advanced nuclear technologies in particular require specialized test conditions to support development and regulatory approval, and there are currently very few suitable facilities to support their testing and deployment. It will take collaboration and a shared vision to remove these roadblocks and develop the clean energy solutions needed to power Canada’s future. That’s why Kinectrics is bringing Canada’s leading research universities together with energy industry and technology development pioneers to create Helius, a world-class campus for innovation. 

Helius will unite top-tier Canadian academic institutions, industrial leaders, small modular reactor developers, and utilities to advance clean energy technologies that combat climate change and alleviate global energy poverty. The cornerstone of this innovation campus is a 10 MW, electrically heated, helium test loop for the development, testing, and qualification of materials, components, and systems utilized in high temperature gas reactors. Secondary loops mimic the actual usage of technologies to be married with advanced nuclear reactors, including:

SMR technologies

How does it work?How does it work?

Helius is here for you. Let us help you achieve your vision for a bright energy future.

Supporting next generation workforce

Supporting delivery of next generation clean energy systems

Supporting transition to a low-carbon energy future

Join Us:

·         As an innovative research partner

·         As an environmentalist

·         As a technology demonstrator

·         As a leading industry partner

·         As an investor

·         As a visionary for a low-carbon energy future

·         As an individual innovator



More Information: [email protected]



·         X-energy: https://x-energy.com/

·         U-Battery: https://www.u-battery.com/

·         Énergie NB Power: https://www.nbpower.com/

·         Nuclear Innovation Institute: https://www.nuclearinnovationinstitute.ca/

·         Ontario Tech University: https://ontariotechu.ca/

·         McMaster University: https://www.mcmaster.ca/

·         Queen’s University: https://www.queensu.ca/

·         Planbox: https://www.planbox.com/

·         Natural Resources Canada: https://www.nrcan.gc.ca

*Agreements in progress. List subject to change with additional parties.​​​​​​