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Relay - Breaker Trip Product Qualification and AC-PRO-II®

Equipment Qualfication Product Support for Retrofits
Kinectrics now offers digital data-driven Trip Units qualified for nuclear safety-related applications to intelligently monitor breaker health and protect against unplanned outages--and unplanned refurbishment costs.
Kinectrics and URC have listened and responded to customer demand for fully-qualified (relay / breaker / trip products) for safety-related use in the nuclear industry. Preferred by the commercial sector, URC products remain the trip unit of choice for the US nuclear fleet.

Nuclear Qualified Products / Retrofits

The Kinectrics nuclear qualification program utilizes seismic demand base levels developed for industry-generic seismic criteria for installed breakers. Benefits and features of Kinectrics-qualified URC relay / breaker trip products include the following:
  • Improved reliability - reduced operating and maintenance costs
  • Wide range of field configurable options (removes swapping barriers)
  • Patented features e.g. ‘Sluggish Breaker Detection’ for condition-based refurb cycles (to avoid early failures or extended refurbishment cycles)
  • Reduced costs due to Kinectrics’ extensive qualification program (S/W, EMI, RFI, seismic, thermal) established through robust analysis of US nuclear fleets
  • Knowledge-based OEM tech support vs time-consuming obsolete unit troubleshooting

Minimal plant-modification engineering being required as existing breakers can be used vs new style microprocessor-based solutions

Kinectrics’ Qualification Program testing criteria and standards cover: 

  • Thermal Aging – 90 F service temp
  • Mechanical cycling of actuator components - 500 cycles, equivalent to 25 cycles / year
  • Temperature & RH testing - 120 °F, 95% RH Seismic – 7g
  • Software *qualification to EPRI TR-106439, IEEE 1028 and IEEE 1012.
  • EMI RFI *qualification

For AC retrofit units:
§  IEEE C37.90.3 Contact discharge 2kV, 4kV, 8kV
§  IEEE C37.90.2 Radiated Electromagnetic Interference
§  IEEE C37.90.1 Fast Transient Surge Withstand Capability 4kV
§  IEEE C37.90.1 Oscillatory Surge Withstand Capability – 2.5kV
§  IEEC 61000-4-5
§  CISPR11 Radiated Emissions
 For DC retrofit units:
§  Radiated RF Susceptibility 50 Mhz to 450 Mhz
§  IEEE C37.90 Dielectric Withstand
§  Surge Immunity per A28M-82








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