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Real Time Digital Simulator™ (RTDS)

Expert Specialized Services for Power System Modeling and Testing

A Practical Solution

Kinectrics has the advanced expertise and facilities to provide testing and consulting services using the Real-Time Digital SimulatorTM (RTDS), a digital system which models the power system, or any electrically-represented system and its components based on an Electromagnetic Transients Program (EMTP) simulation approach.

The RTDS simulates any user-defined electrical system with models of complex electrical components, such as transmission lines, generators and transformers. The components can be precisely defined to match your equipment characteristics. Through real-time simulation, your relay or control equipment is tested in closed-loop mode, acting on the simulated system as it would in the actual installation.

Established Expertise

Kinectrics is widely recognized as an industry leader in the development and use of advanced tools to test and evaluate power system protection and control equipment.

Comprehensive Services

Kinectrics’ RTDS facility offers services on client-defined power system models including:

  • Real-time testing of power system control equipment: stabilizers, protective relays, etc.
  • Assessment of abnormal power system operation
  • Real-time testing of protection and control equipment to:
  • Review standard applications
  • Investigate problems
  • Advise on appropriate protection approaches
  • Evaluate equipment suitability for specific applicators
  • Establish optimal settings and/or component configurations

Kinectrics’ Real Time Digital SimulatorTM (RTDS) Facility

The RTDS hardware at Kinectrics includes an interface unit for connection of external analog and digital signals to and from the RTDS simulation; current and voltage amplifiers to supply signals to equipment under test; a synchronous controller and a fault selection unit for external control of the simulation process.

The RTDS installation at Kinectrics has been designed to allow efficient closed-loop testing of power system protection and control equipment, with external control of the simulation. External control facilitates flexibility in establishing test parameters.

RTDS system features:

  • Accurate digital modeling of power systems/components
  • Graphic composition of the system to be modeled via connection of icons representing component models
  • Components models including:
    • Current and power transformers with user-defined saturation characteristics
    • Capacitive voltage transformers
    • Circuit breakers with individual pole operation
    • Fault switches
    • Synchronous machines with exciter, turbine/governor, and stabilizer models
    • Single and double-circuit frequency dependent transmission line models
    • Series-compensated lines with MOV-protected capacitors
    • Static VAR compensators
    • HVDC power and control components
  • Analog voltage and current signals available from anywhere in the modeled system
  • Breakers externally controllable for closed-loop testing of protection equipment
  • Generator exciter externally controllable for closed-loop testing of generator controls
  • Static VAR and HVDC power components externally controllable for closed-loop testing
  • Six voltage signals and six current signals available (125 V rms phase-neutral voltage, 40 A peak current in each phase)
  • Programmable control facilities for external control of the test parameters
  • Comprehensive records of event sequence and oscillographic signals

Direct Client Benefits

  • Confirms relay performance before installation (protection and control functions operate as intended)
  • Identify abnormal behaviour of power system or protection and control equipment (offline) on actual system model
  • Assist in synthesizing and confirming solutions to protection and control problems (special protection schemes, application logic, etc.)

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