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2 Million Hours Safety Milestone Achieved by Kinectrics

June 15, 2015

In May 2015 Kinectrics (including all its subsidiaries and locations) marked 2,000,000 hours without a "Lost Time Incident" (LTI). This achievement exemplifies Kinectrics' ongoing commitment to a strong, demonstrated safety culture.

Kinectrics maintains dedicated programs and standards throughout its local lab facilities and, for all on-site field operations worldwide, to protect personnel on the job, and provide customers with full confidence projects will be completed successfully and safely. “We place the highest priority on safety”, states David Harris, President and CEO of Kinectrics.

This safety milestone holds additional significance within the electricity industry, since daily work performed by the Kinectrics professional team involves an enormous range of specialized technical elements. Projects also frequently demand that challenging, complex tasks be performed in hazardous environments.
For the electricity industry at large, comprising power generation facilities, including nuclear plant, transmission and distribution systems, and related enterprise, rigorous safety programs are a critical component. Aside from the potential to create tragic human circumstances, accidents can increase insurance costs, workers' injury compensation rates, and other business costs. On-the-job productivity may also be adversely affected.  
In building on Kinectrics’ established safety record, both management and staff continue to rank safety as their highest priority. At Kinectrics, “No task is so important that we cannot take the time to do it safely”.

* A lost time incident (or “accident”) is defined as an injury occurring at work that results in at least one full day (or shift) away from work duties. The definition does not count the day on which the injury occurred, or the day on which the employee returns to the job.